Building Consent Documentation.... What is it for anyway?

Embarking on getting a building designed and documented thoroughly is a journey that can be rewarding with the right team involved in a project.

Over the last decade the increasing amount of information required for successful and efficient documentation 

The latest bulletin BU622 Good plans and specifications defines for designers, builders and building owners the requirements for acceptable documentation for residential and light commercial/industrial construction work. It can also be found here.

Now more than ever, with insufficient documentation the risk of time delays, inaccurate costings, disputes and the need for amendments during construction must be reduced. And this is possible if all the parties involved in the building process insist on good documentation and communication.

This bulletin is worth a read to answer the main question you might have ... "Why produce plans and specifications?''

It also defines what good documents include, what common omissions exist, what project information memorandums are and why building consent applications are put on hold.

Needless to say, at Collate we are very excited to get our hand on this document as it will underpin how we deliver all future documentation packages.

Exciting times ahead for us documentation junkies.

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