Greetings, my name is Yenegh. It means star of dawn... I know it's Ethiopian.

For the longest time I have experienced the wonder of the built environment around me, I have always known that I wanted to be part of the making of the built structures that influence our everyday lives.

Now this has not always been possible for many reasons... ... until now.

I have been working for a variety of firms making a wide range of projects come to life... While this has been rewarding for the most part, I have found the limitation of involvement available to me through employment has not enriched my experience of place making and architecture. The only great outcome is that in the process, I have been learning and growing to this point where I can start creating and collaborating from the beginning to end of a project lifecycle and in a way that should be a wholesome experience for the client.

Collate is born to deliver a simpler experience for architecture and to go back to its roots when the architect and builder were ONE. This can happen ... here.

Motu Kaikoura Lodge Restoration Project - Kaikoura Island Great Barrier Island