SGA & A+W•NZ prefab build workshop

Strachan Group Architects (SGA) and Architecture+Women•NZ have teamed up to create a prefab building for the Motu Kaikoura Trust that will replace their building on Kaikoura Island that was destroyed by arson.


The new building, designed by SGA, will be prefabricated at the SGA and Crate Innovation Ltd workshops in Kingsland and barged to Kaikoura Island, where it will be heli lifted into place and assembled. The design utilises prefinished floor cartridges, wall cartridge and SIP (structurally insulated panel) roof and cabinetry.

As part of the team working on the restoration project I have been so fortunate to learn from the team and everyone involved.

Construction is such an intricate process of understanding what the built structure is designed to content with once complete. Architecture and construction come together in this project and the expereince thus far has expanded my appreciation of the work that goes into building and architectural vision.

Architects Build : Prefabrication for Motu Kaikoura Trust

Motu Kaikoura Lodge Restoration Project - Kaikoura Island Great Barrier Island