Who we are at work

Collate is all about bring what is required and important together efficiently when and where is matters.

Collate Ltd is a small, experienced and efficient architectural documentation and web design practice.

Collate Ltd was established in August of 2017 as work space where architectural graduates work together to provide web design and architectural documentation services to home owners, architectural firms, registered architects, engineers, and builders in Auckland.

Our work celebrates collaboration at all levels to document finely-crafted details and consent documents that reflect a stress-free result. 

Building Consent

Who we are at play

Every Saturday as part of our community involvement we like to bring people together from all walks of life for a 2 hour session of community basketball games.

Everyone is welcomed no matter the skill level.

Over the last few years, these sessions have evolved and created many valuable relationship among people who would otherwise not know one another.

If you are out and about early on a Saturday come have a run!

You can find us on https://www.meetup.com/basketballlovers/